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Carers Act Resources

What to expect when….

The Carers Act came into force on the 1st April 2018. The Act provides new rights to carers in a number of areas.

We have worked with a variety of carers, carer organisations and health and social care staff to co-design a set of leaflets for carers that set out what the new rights are and What to Expect….

We have developed an overview leaflet which provides information on the Act as a whole.  It can be downloaded here:

What to Expect – The Carers (Scotland) Act

We have also developed individual leaflets which highlight different areas of the Act. They can be downloaded here:

These leaflets are also available for organisations supporting carers to adapt, to include local information and contact details. If you would like further information, please email:

Jargon Buster for Young Carers 

The Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance have worked with with young carer services to develop a Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 – Jargon Buster for Young Carers.

This resource explains some of the more complicated or unusual words and phrases in the Carers Act to ensure that young carers are fully aware of what the Act means for them and their families.

You can download a copy of the Jargon Buster here: Jargon Buster for Young Carers

Carers Act Guide in Chinese and Urdu – produced by MECOPP

MECOPP have produced a guide to the Carers Act which is also available in Chinese and Urdu.  You can download copies below

Carers Act Guide – English

Carers Act Guide – Chinese Language

Carers Act Guide – Urdu

Carers Act Communications Toolkit
This toolkit has been produced by Shared Care Scotland on behalf of the National Carer Organisations (NCO) to help facilitate clear, accurate and consistent communications on the Carers Act. We hope that through this work unpaid carers in Scotland, and the organisations working to support them, will be able to access the information they require, or to know where to go to find it.

You can download a copy of the toolkit here

Are local carer organisations ready for the Carers Act?

25 organisations responded to our scoping exercise looking at how local carer organisations are preparing for the implementation of the Carers Act in April 2018.

You can download the report here

Best Practice Bites

Best Practice Bites – Short Breaks Brokerage

This is the first of our Best Practice Bites series showcasing some of ways that local carer organisations are preparing for The Carers Act, which comes into force in April 2018

This video features an interview with Ian Boyle, Short Breaks Co-ordinator at Dundee Carers Centre. Ian talks about how they have developed a brokerage service to support carers.

Best Practice Bites – Local Eligibility Criteria

This is the 2nd of our Best Practice Bites series. This video explains the requirement for local authorities to develop local eligibility criteria for carers and sets out what is in the Carers Act and guidance in relation to local eligibility criteria

It also outlines the National Carer Organisation’s best practice framework for local eligibility criteria for carers which was developed in partnership with carers.

Best Practice Bites – Partnership

This is the 3rd of our Best Practice Bites series. This video looks at the importance of Partnership working at a local level, both in providing better support for carers and preparing for the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016

The video is an interview with Kim McNab from West Dunbartonshire Carers and Wendy Jack from West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership

Best Practice Bites – Adult Carer Support Plans

This is the fourth in our Best Practice Bites Series.  This interview with Debbie from Borders Carers Centre looks at Adult Carer Support Plans (ACSPs)

Borders Carers Centre is responsible for undertaking ACSPs in their area.  They have been providing support planning for carers since 2012 and have developed an enabling approach which encourages carers to identify the things that are important to them.

Best Practice Bites – Carer Peer Mentors – Part One

The fifth in our Best Practice Bites series looks at carer peer mentors.

Cameron Thomson and Adam Smith work at East Ayrshire Carers Centre as peer mentors.  Their role is to ensure carers are involved and engaged in local developments around the implementation of the Carers Act.

Best Practice Bites – Carer Peer Mentors – Part Two

In this Best Practice Bite Cameron and Adam talk about their role in undertaking adult carer support plans with carers.

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