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The following Briefing papers have been produced by the Coalition of Carers in Scotland and are available free to download:


Scottish Government Q&A for People Shielding

This factsheet was published on 22nd September to explain the Covid-19 restrictions and how they relate to people who are shielding
You can download it here

The use of Self-Directed Support (SDS) by carers during COVID19

The Scottish Government issued guidance in May 2020 setting out how SDS should be used more flexibly while services are impacted due to Covid-19. You can download it here

We undertook a survey with carers to look at how this guidance has been implemented and how SDS has been used by carers during this time. Our report brings together the views and experiences of over 200 carers across Scotland  You can download it here

Carers and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Your Questions Answered

This briefing paper is to help carers, and those working to support them, understand in what circumstances carers can access and use PPE. You can download it here

Equal, Expert and Valued – Edition 3

The Carers Collaborative is a project that supports carer representatives on Integration Joint Boards (IJBs).

Each year the Carers Collaborative reviews how successfully carer representatives have been involved in local planning. It looks at progress and makes recommendations for further improvements.

This is the third annual report from the Collaborative. It can be downloaded here


Awareness of the Carers Act, experiences of carers in Scotland

In November 2018 we developed a short survey to find out whether unpaid carers in Scotland were aware of the Carers (Scotland) Act and of the enhanced and extended rights within the new legislation. 
The survey received responses from 1035 carers from across Scotland.

This paper provides a summary of the responses to the survey questions and an analysis of the comments from carers and can be downloaded here: Awareness of the Carers Act, January 2019


Implementation of the Carers Act – the experiences of carers centres in Scotland

In September 2018 we sent out an online survey to carers centres in Scotland. The aim of the survey was to understand how the implementation of the Carers Act was progressing so far. This paper provides a summary of the key findings from the survey, and focuses particularly on the carers centres’ experiences of partnership working; their level of involvement in developing the local carer strategies and policies; and the impact that the Carers Act has had on their funding and resources to support local carers.

You can download a copy of the report here: Implementation of the Carers Act, January 2019


The 2nd edition of our report Equal, Expert and Valued was published in April 2018.  This report provides information on the experience of carer representatives on Integrated Joint Boards. It provides an update on progress since our first report was published in February 2017.

You can download a copy of the report here: Equal, Expert and Valued – Edition Two


The National Carer Organisations have produced a briefing paper outlining their concerns about funding for the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016

You can download a copy of our report here


The Scottish Government has reported on the findings of the Carers Act Finance Advisory Group

You can download a copy of the report here


In October 2017 we surveyed our members to find out how prepared local carer organisations are for the commencement of the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016.  Our scoping report highlights that 95% of local carer organisations have concerns about the impact of the Carers Act on their funding.

You can download a copy here


Our Carers Collaborative Forum for carer representatives on Integrated Joint Boards have produced a best practice role description for carer representatives

Download the Role Description Here


Following a Scottish Government review of social work complaints, the complaints system SPSOchanged on the 1st April 2017. This briefing paper explains what the changes are and how you can go about making a complaint about a social work service

You can download a copy of the briefing paper here


Equal, Expert and Valued, enhancing carer representation on Integrated Joint Boards.


Equal, Expert and Valued (Full Report)

Equal, Expert and Valued (Summary Report)


carers allowance

The National Carer Organisations have produced a briefing paper on Carers Allowance, explaining how Carers Alowance will be devolved to Scotland and our recommentations for change You can download a copy of the briefing paper here copy


 AdvocacyThe Scottish Government and COSLA have produced Guidance for Carer Advocacy Services.  The guidance can be downloaded here


The Carers (Scotland) Bill was passed by Parliament on the 4th of February 2016. The National Carer Organisations have produced a summary of the final Bill.

Carers (Scotland) Bill Briefing

The following briefing papers provide more detailed information on the areas where we argued for the Bill to be amended, added to, or strengthened:


This briefing paper explains why carers believe the eligibility criteria for carer support must be National rather than Local. It provides 5 CLEAR reasons in favour of National Eligibility Criteria.  You can download a copy here: 5 CLEAR Reasons for National Eligibility Critieria


AlexSalmondThe Carers (Scotland) Bill was introduced to parliament on the 9th of March.  This briefing paper provides a summary of the provisions within the Bill.  It also gives an analysis of which areas reflect the views of the majority of carers, which areas need strengthening or go against the views of carers and where provisions need to be added. You can download a copy here: The Carers (Scotland) Bill – a briefing paper for carers


scottishparlThis briefing paper explains the legislative process and how a Bill makes its way through parliament. it also explains what happens once it becomes law and how carers can get involved and influence the parliamentary process. You can download a copy here:  Understanding how law is made – A guide for carers


StitchThis briefing paper brings together evidence from a joint project between The Coalition of Carers and Evaluation Support Scotland. The Stitch in Time? programme team worked with eleven carer organisations in Scotland to develop a logic model and a range of tools to help them evaluate their services

The briefing paper evidences how local carer organisations support carers to achieve their personal outcomes and how this outcome approach is evaluated.  You can download the paper here: Stitch in Time Carers Case Study


JSCLocal areas now have to involve local people in decisions they make about the services they plan, deliver and commission.  This briefing paper explains what Joint Strategic Commissioning is and how carers can contribute in their local area and have a say about the services they use.  More information can be found in our paper Joint Strategic Commissioning – A Briefing Paper for Carers


QualityThe government is reviewing the National Care Standards and is proposing that the new standards should be underpinned by a human rights based approach.  The National Carer Organisations have produced a briefing paper outlining the changes and you have until the 17th of September to make your views known.   More information can be found in our Briefing Paper on National Care Standards Review

numberof carers

This briefing paper looks at statistical information on the caring population.  Including bringing together information from the Census 2011 on carers and answering the question How Many Carers Are there in Scotland by – looking at the recommended estimate from the Scottish Government

The Government consultation on the Regulations for the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 is open until the 1st of August.  These regulations set out how each local area must prepare for health and social services to integrate and how carers must be involved in this process.

IntegrationOur Public Bodies (Integration) Briefing Paper provides more information and you can respond to the consultation using our Carer Response Form.

flagsReferendum – What does it mean for carers?  outlines the arguments for and against independence, set out by the Better Together campaign and the Yes Campaign.


Consultation on the Carers Bill has now closed and the Bill will be introduced in early 2015. This paper brings together the key arguments in favour of a strong Bill bringing new rights to carers.

Download: 10 Things to think about


We are calling for the Scottish Government to include a Duty for carers to be involved in hospital discharge procedures in the forthcoming Carers Bill. This briefing paper explains why: Carers Experience of Hospital Discharge

Nicola Sturgeon meets carers at VOCALThe Government’s Expert Group on Welfare Reform has produced a report – Re-Thinking Welfare which puts forward plans for reforming welfare benefits in an independent Scotland. This includes changes to Carers Allowance.

Find out more in our paper: Re-Thinking Welfare, A Briefing Paper for Carers.

New legislation relating to Self-Directed Support came into force in April 2014. This includes new regulation on waiving charges for carers. Find out more in our Charging Briefing for Carers.


Equal & Expert: 3 best practice standards for carer engagement

We have produced a set of 3 best practice standards for carer engagement. These set out key standards to ensure that carers engagement is meaningful, properly resourced and that carers are treated as equal partners on planning groups.