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Carers Act Funding – What was the money spent on?

In December 2018 The Coalition of Carers in Scotland and Shared Care Scotland sent out a Freedom of Information request to all local authority areas in Scotland asking for details of what they spent the Carers Act funding on.

We asked for information about the additional £2million distributed via Health Boards for 2017-2018 to help local areas prepare for the Carers Act commencing on the 1st April 2018. A report what this funding was spent on can be downloaded below.

Report on the £2million funding for pre-implementation of the Carers Act

Further funding of £19.4 million was delivered to local authorities for 2018-2019 to fund the first years implementation of the Carers Act. A report of how this money was spent can be downloaded below

Report on the First Years Funding for the Carers Act


According to recent research, carers across the EU provide over 80% of all care, with women providing approximately two-thirds of care.

The Coalition of Carers in Scotland is excited to be an associated partner in an exciting research partnership: LEARN4CARERS

Each partner will undertake steps in its country to promote the need for more support to carers, initiatives to raise awareness of the issue to citizens, and educative activities to professionals about informal carers needs and support methods, with local partners.

All the best practices, cases, tools (e.g. web platforms) and interventions will be made available online as part of the “Practical guide of best practices in the support of Informal Caregivers in Europe”.

More information on the project can be found here

Project Duration: 01-12-2018 – 30-11-2020

A briefing paper on the changes and what they might mean for carers is available here:  Re-Thinking Welfare, A Briefing Paper for Carers

Nicola Sturgeon meets carers at VOCAL

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