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Joint Strategic Commissioning

Joint Strategic Commissioning is about planning and delivering services for older people in a new way. It includes identifying the needs of older people, deciding what services will best address those needs and working together to put the right services in place.

This means that instead of different agencies working separately to plan and deliver support for older people, the NHS, local authorities and other key partners are working jointly to plan, purchase and deliver older people’s services. This includes sharing the resources that are available to them to help them do this.

This approach means carers and other partners, such as service users, the third sector and the private sector will play a greater role in shaping the future of older people’s services.

Changes to older people’s services are already underway. For the last few years the government has made money available to every local area through a Change Fund to allow them to set up new services and extend those services which are working well in supporting older people to live well at home. The next stage is to look at services in a more strategic way, and each area in Scotland has developed a Joint Strategic Commissioning plan which sets out their intentions to re-shape older people’s services over the next three years.

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