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Proposals for Carers Legislation

The Carers Bill
10 Things to think about…. 10-things

Always, always a duty.  If left to guidance it will never happen. (NCO survey)


As the government begins to analyse responses to their consultation on The Carers Bill, we have been reflecting on some of the key issues raised by carers that are likely to be debated over the coming months in advance of the introduction of the Bill

Questions such as; what are the key priorities for carers? are there any potentially negative impacts that could arise from the Bill? and what needs to be strengthened or added to ensure it delivers the intended outcomes for carers?  For more details, download the think piece from the National Carer Organisations below:

10 Things to think about….

I Support the Carers Bill!





Over 500 carers submitted a response to the government consultation on The Carers Bill and over 550 attended a consultation event or filled in the online questionnaire.

Across all the events and contributions carers overwhelmingly supported the introduction of new rights and entitlements for carers

Carers Rights should not be seen as a political issue, but a human issue, a community concern, a common responsibility which does and will effect all of us at sometime in our lives. Caring for Carers and securing their rights should never be allowed to be seen as an issue dealt with at ‘the discretion’ of those in power. Rights are never a privilege, they are the fundamentals which underpin a caring and law-abiding society. (carer, Argyll and Bute)

The National Carer Organisations submitted a response bringing together the views of carers, which can be downloaded here: NCO Response  We also submitted our own response, which can be downloaded here: COCIS Response

Further information can be found in our briefing paper, which can be downloaded here: CarersBillBriefing

Consultation on Proposed Carers Bill

On the 22nd of January the Scottish Government announced their proposals for Carers Legislation.  A copy of the full consultation paper can be found at:

This is an important opportunity to secure new rights for carers. This consultation is now closed, but we will continue to work with colleagues from the National Carer Organisations to raise awareness of the proposals and secure the backing of the Scottish Government and MSPs from all parties to take forward legislation for carers.

The Bill is likely to be published in early 2015.  We will be keeping you up to date as it progresses


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