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Self Directed Support (SDS) Act

The Social Care (Self-Directed Support) (Scotland) Act (SDS Act) aims to provide people with more choice and control over how their social care needs are met. It will do this by imposing firm duties on local authorities to provide various options to people, allowing them to choose how much involvement they want in the organisation and design of their care and support.

The Act also gives local authorities the power to extend self directed support to carers, following a carer’s assessment. After the assessment, if the local authority decides to offer a service, carers will be able to choose from the same range of options provided to other people accessing social care services.

Along with the Bill there will statutory guidance and regulations which will clarify some of the points made in the Bill, such as the different roles and responsibilities of carers, service providers and the supported person; the role of information and support; how the amount of money given to people is decided upon and how this will be monitored and reviewed over the period of support. Case studies and practical examples will be included to show how people could use the support they are given in different ways.

The Minister stated that regulations will be introduced to ensure that carers will not be charged for the support they are given. Carers and carer organisations have been consulted and involved in the development of these regulations which will be finalised in the next few months.

The SDS Act will come into force in April 2014. For more information on the SDS Act read our briefing paper.