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National Carer Organisations

About the National Carer Organisations

The Coalition of Carers in Scotland is one of the seven National Carer Organisations (NCOs) in Scotland. We believe we can deliver more for carers by all working together to share our knowledge and experience, and by focusing our collective efforts on achieving improvements in areas of policy and practice on behalf of unpaid carers in Scotland.

You can find out more about the  work of the other National Carer Organisations by clicking on the links below.

Our shared vision

Together we have a shared vision that unpaid carers in Scotland will be valued, included and supported as equal partners and experts in the design and delivery of care and support for the people that they care for, and for themselves. 

As a collective, we do this by ensuring that carers and their voices are represented in local and national forums where decisions about their lives or the people they care for are being discussed. 




Responding to National Consultations

We work in partnership with the other National Carer Organisations to listen to carers and reflect their views in all of our national consultation responses. We have responded on behalf on carers to a number of national proposals and strategies from the Scottish and UK governments. You can read and download some of our recent consultation responses to Scottish and UK Governments.